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It is said that “Nature teaches more than she preaches.” Nature club explores the possibilities of co-living and helps to invite nature as the best educator to life and facilitates to grow with her. The goal of nature club is to promote living in agreement with nature as we believe “we have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; but borrowed it from our children” and we humbly submit to promote and ensure ourselves as the responsible users of the resources for the generations to come.

Nature Club in our college nurtures love for nature by motivating the students to engage in environment conservation as well as activities like planting trees, opening butterfly gardens, developing the medicinal garden etc. Apart from this we conduct poster making, slogan writing, essay writing, and collage making competitions and organize nature camps and awareness programmes as part of observing environmentally important days to educate and sensitize the students on the importance of nature. We encourage the students to follow green protocol.