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Language club helps to broaden the scope of learning the language beyond the realm of mere grammar and reading. Keeping this in view, a "language club" has been established in our campus. The club has intended to inculcate literary aesthetics, encourage spoken and debating skills and the skill of creative writing .


  1. To give a recreational and enthusiastic atmosphere for students to learn and practice English.
  2. Enable the students to know their different talents and capacities
  3. To encourage the creative power of individuals.
  4. Engage the students in cooperative tasks.
  5. Create critical reflection in communication
  6. Personality development
  7. To gain stage courage.

List of activities

  1. Group discussion
  2. Debate
  3. Mock interview
  4. Role play

Club coordinators for the Academic Year 2021-22

  • Jismi Issac
  • Princy P. M
  • Ansil. J. Vincent