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Debates are effective ways of weighing the pros and cons of concepts and events. The debate club creates opportunities for students to develop their debating skills. Participating in debates enables students to express their views effectively and to respond cogently to arguments with which they disagree. In addition, debate students are often the most well –read and well informed in their grade level.

Debate club of Mar Baselios College aims at providing students with the opportunity to overcome their stage fright, step out of their comfort zone, enhance their communication skills, boost their confidence, promote critical thinking, expand vocabulary, and improve diction and master fluency. It also provides a platform for our students to showcase their talents and voice their thoughts and opinions.

Debate club includes various literary competitions like storytelling, poetry, speech, debates etc... Moreover we insist students to read newspapers in order to develop the habit of reading to equip themselves in their academics .As a result it plays an important role in the holistic all round development of an individual and equip them with the skills they will require to shape their future.

Club coordinators for the Academic Year 2021-22

  • Maria John
  • Anu Baby
  • Anjaly Punnoos