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Counselling cell aims to aid students to overcome their problems and also to prepare them to face upcoming problems. Academic development, career growth and personal or social development are the key goals of our college counselling cell.
The faculties counsel students on their academic and personal problems and encourage them to increase their confidence and employ apt decision making skills and concentrate on personality development. If needed, college also offers the service of an external counsellor.

Aims and objectives

  • Promoting the students' development in all aspects of personal ( mental, emotional, social and physical) well being and academic growth.
  • Enabling the students to gain the maximum benefit from the facilities.
  • Ascertaining that the students make continuous progress on the path of self awareness and discover new ways to develop their potential and talents to the fullest.

The present teachers in charge of the cell are A, Arathi. P. H, Asha. A, Anaciya Vijayan.